Our premium cosmetic care products are also based on organic silk as its prime ingredient. You will find detailed information on our webpage “cosmetics and care” on www.alkena.eu.

All products are completely free of preservatives,dyes and sulfates (with the exception of our shampoo).



 Facial care


Facial tonic on silk basis

• rosewater extract makes it soothing, anti-bacterial and cooling

• ladyfinger extract gives added moisture

• willow bark and woundwort extracts help soothe irritated skin

Article 9904

Facial moisturizer on silk basis

• Aothes sensitive and irritated skin

• Sheabutter gives added moisture

• contains premium quality jojoba, almond and apricot oils


Article  9905 


Cleansing milk on silk basis

• AloeVera calms and adds moisture

• maintains the natural PH-balance of your skin

• gently removes make-up, impurities and excess skin oils

Article 9908


Lip balm on silk basis

• calendula and carrot extracts provide additional care

• anti oxidizing thanks to vitamin E derived from vegetable oils   

• leaves no oily film

Article 9909


 Hair care

Shampoo on silk basis

• nettle extract assuages dandruff and oily hair

• birch extract soothes the scalp

• rosemary extract stimulates circulation in the scalp

 Article 9906

Hair rinse on silk basis

• provides silken sheen


leaves hair easier to comb  

• Sheabutter and Macademia nut oils  provides vital nutrients for hair, keeping it healthy

Article 9907

Bady care

Body soap on silk basis

•particularly suited for sensitive skin

• specially made in Germany

• soothing natural oils and rose wax as gentle cleansing agents

 Article 9901

Handcream on silk basis

• cocoanut and sesame oils regenerate the natural elasticity

• especially suited for worn working hand

• easy to apply and quickly absorbed

Article 9902

Body powder on silk basis

• mattes and protects   

• soothes irritated skin after shaving

• also suited as a gentle baby powder

Article 9910